Yahoo provides 400.000 Official Song Lyrics

SAN FRANSISCO - Yahoo will extend the online music business by providing around 400.000 Official song lyrics. This is done to provide official lyric from various record producer to the music lover. This effort at the same time opens eye of the Internet users, that location of song lyrics at various sites without approval of song maker and also song producer technically is illegal action.

What done of many lyric sites clearly differs from song lyric which available in Yahoo. Because Yahoo will become authorized song lyric site under agreement with loaded song producer. Yahoo will share the advantage along the length of the lyric still be presented.

Around 400.000 song lyrics which available in Yahoo come from around 9.000 different artists, starts from The Beatles and Bob Dylan till the stars like Radiohead and Beyonce. Almost around 100 music companies contributes their lyrics at Yahoo Lyrics, counted among the big companys like BMG, EMI, Sony Music, Universal Music, and Warner Music. Yahoo cooperates with Gracenote which has owned the license to overspreading song lyrics from various record producers.

Other sites might possibly have number of song lyrics far bigger than Yahoo. But, Yahoo believes, library of the lyric will be enthused because free of advertisement pop-up which can be exploited by spyware or computer virus to infiltrate to computer when user downloading the lyric.

"Yahoo will become new earnings source for artist and song producer by watering down people to remember or differentiates song that is ordinary they hear in radio or in website," said Phil Leigh, music observer from Inside Media Digital. Yahoo hopes its new service can generate new enthusiasm for industrial development of music.


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